Learning from what is wrong

Angelique - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, integrity

“The best way to learn is from the mistakes you make.” my parents said as they left the room to allow me realize what I have done. Like a normal teenager, I always insisted what I wanted and chose to ignore what my parents had to say to me. But my parents were right; I learned the most important lesson from the biggest mistake I made.

Lying seemed to be very easy for me, just make up another believable story and I’m done! My parents wouldn’t actually try to figure out what I did. These were my thoughts about lying; however, it all changed after one family vacation. My family and I went to California, but because of school, my brother and I had to go back home before our parents. One night I went with my guy friend whom my parents didn’t know of, to buy dinner for my brother and me. While I was out with my friend, my mom called me and asked me where I was. I told her I was buying food but I lied to her and said I was alone. I figured she wouldn’t find out since she’s all the way in California. There was silence on the phone, and then she said, “I can never trust you again” and then hung up. She knew I was lying to her. I lost her trust and she wasn’t going to believe me again.

My heart was pounding really fast as I waited for my parents to come back. I knew they’re still mad at me. Because I had lost my parents’ trust, I was only allowed to go to school and work. When I go out with my friends, my brother would have to come with me. I really didn’t like the way they were treating me, but it was my entire fault.

In the following days I was engaged in a personal struggle. I wanted to clear things up with my parents, but I was scared of what they would say to me. My parents were right; one learns her lesson from the consequences from the mistakes she makes. Lying to my parents has cost me to lose their trust. A person doesn’t really realize what she is doing until it affects her. I used to always lie to my parents since I was always able to get what I want. But after losing their trust, I realized that lying wasn’t worth anything.

I decided apologize for what I had done and assure my parents that I wouldn’t lie to them anymore. They looked at me and said “We hope you learned your lesson.” I then realized that I wouldn’t always get what I want and that losing your parents’ trust isn’t fun. Since then, I always told my parents the truth and eventually gained back their trust. I wouldn’t want to lose my parents’ trust for me again or I would have to deal with my younger brother’s company everywhere I go.