Joshua - Titusville/FL/32780, Florida
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

I believe that by treating an individual with mutual respect, I will more than likely receive it in return. Continually from the moment I wake up until the second I close my eyes at night, situations that require a universal level of respect are placed before me. Being in any type of situation with another person requires this. Telling my parents good morning, conversing with a teacher about assignments or getting my schedule straightened out with my boss is greatly simplified by showing respect. I’ve noticed that between all human interactions, having respect for others will cause people to automatically show the same toward me whether it be enemies, friends or a random person driving in the adjacent lane. Respect is a requirement if I plan on living a comfortable life where my peers will think highly of me.

I have pondered with this idea solely because human interaction and how other people work is something that interests me. For instance, during my 45-minute trip each way to and from The University of Central Florida, I have tried driving like a jerk while boredom is resting its head on my shoulder. Accelerating more than necessary in my vehicle or coming a little too close to someone’s rear bumper is extremely disrespectful and causes tension to arise. Throughout this experimentation, which is in no way my normal behavior, I’ve noticed that I generally receive nothing but the exact same disrespect I originally showed in return. Also while communicating in person, giving a dirty look or using the wrong tone of voice will always result in an unfavorable outcome to current situation.

On the opposite end of the spectrum though, allowing sufficient room between my rear bumper and the front of the car I’m passing will usually result in a respectful situation on the roadway. I guarantee that the respect I show will always be given in return, unless the people around me have no integrity. During an interpersonal situation, allowing who I’m talking with to voice their opinion, and most importantly respecting that opinion, will ultimately result in a more enjoyable conversation. If I am in conversation with someone and they start to talk bad about the Tennessee Titans then I will respect that opinion even though it’s completely opposite to the way I feel. Through personal trials and first hand experiences I have most definitely concluded in my mind that I will always respect others even if I am not being respected just because it’s the right thing to do. I believe that if respect is shown on my behalf then I will receive it in return.