Setting the Bar High

Sorosh - Katy, Texas
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in setting high goals. Setting the bar high motivates you to do your very best to achieve your goal; you might still not achieve your goal but you will get very close to it and that’s what matters: knowing that you’ve tried your best to reach your goal and you’ve gotten pretty darn close.

When I started high school, I knew that I would need around a 4.3 GPA in order to get into the top ten percent of my class. I made it my goal to have a 4.5 GPA by the end of my senior year. I had set the bar pretty high for myself considering that I’d been in the United States for only two years and still had some difficulty understanding English. However, I believed I was intelligent enough and could work hard to achieve my goal.

From my first day in high school, I started studying hard. I’d spend hours reading the textbooks and looking up the meaning of the words that I didn’t understand in the dictionary. Year after year I’d take more and more honors and AP level classes and I’d do my best to make an A in all of them.

Three and a half years have passed since my first day in high school and my high school career is almost over. My GPA is a 4.214 and it will be a 4.3 at the most by the end of the second semester if I keep up the good work. I didn’t reach my goal, but I got really close to it. My GPA puts me in the top ten percent of my class, and when I think about it, I realize that I’m in the top ten percent because I wanted a 4.5. If I had set my goal to have a 4.3 GPA, I probably wouldn’t have got it. Although I might’ve got really close to a 4.3 it wouldn’t have been high enough to put me in the top ten percent.

Setting the bar high helped me put in much effort and dedicate myself to achieving my goal. It’s true that I didn’t achieve my goal but I got close and that was enough to put me in the top of my class. I set the goal high so that even if I didn’t achieve it I’d still be a winner. I’m a winner because I tried my best to achieve what I wanted. This, I believe.