Moving Mountains

Heidi - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I always thought faith was a concept of false hope and reassurance. Through my mom’s own testimony of faith, I gained a new perspective. This I believe: that the power of faith can move the biggest mountains.

Five years ago my mom was diagnosed with kidney failure. Unlike most people born with two kidneys, my mom was born with only one which, in time, lost its ability to carry out its functions. She began this procedure known as peritoneal dialysis, which temporarily removes wastes and fluid from the blood system through a catheter that is surgically placed in her body to create access to the bloodstream. Although dialysis performs the operations a healthy kidney does, it does not cure a permanent kidney disease. Therefore, a kidney transplant is vital. My mom is currently on the transplant list with faith in finding a match someday.

In times of discouragement, faith cures the slightest doubt. Through my mom’s sickness, faith has been her physical and emotional remedy. Seeing its effect has changed my perspective in which I gained a sense of optimism.

In 2006 my cousin married a man who became aware of my mom’s health condition. He offered to go through a series of blood work and testing to see if he was a potential donor. He was compatible and healthy enough to perform a transplant procedure. Unfortunately, at that time my mom became critically ill and further testing was delayed. She had a kidney infection and the doctors did not want to perform a major transplant procedure until she recovered from it. During my mom’s recovery, my cousin’s husband had joined the Marines. After his training in boot camp my mom began to improve and her kidney infection was cured. However, she still needed to wait a couple months to make sure she was in a better condition. Unfortunately, it was wrong timing because my cousin’s husband was set to deploy to Afghanistan this upcoming January. Deployment can be up to fourteen months, another fourteen months my mom may have to wait for unless she can find another match.

Waiting on the kidney transplant is just another mountain faith will have to move. It is just an incentive to believe stronger in faith, faith in the right timing, and faith that better days are still to come. Sometimes faith has unpredictable outcomes. Maybe during these fourteen months of waiting, I can get tested and hopefully be a potential kidney donor for my mom. Only time will tell, and only faith can be our reassurance of what the future will bring.

This I believe that faith is more than just an idea of hope, it is an underlying power. Faith can move the biggest mountains; it is our motivation in overcoming struggles and trials.