The Sunrise Behind my Life

Arlette - Katy, Texas
Entered on December 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Most people my age detest the bright light that seeps through the blinds and eyelids causing a muffled groan against the drooled wet pillow and a glance at the glow in the dark numbered clock. See, I was one of those people. At first, I didn’t consider myself a “morning person” until I discovered the awakening beauty that rises at six o’ clock.

Because of my teenage procrastination, I found myself waking up one early morning to write an English paper. Of course, I wasn’t very excited and in an attempt to console my sleepy head, I brewed myself a steamy cup of French vanilla coffee and began writing my essay. Around 5:56 a.m., I turned to look outside my window and I immediately fell in love. I noticed an orange tone that filled my living room and colored my white walls. I walked outside to get a better view, and I saw it. The rejuvenating sunrise, the flaming circle rising into the endless deep blue sky with sorbet colors intertwining with the clouds, the flock of birds gracefully swaying up and down, flying across the awakening view, the leaves of the old trees rustling above me, inviting me to dance with the wind, and the beaming rays of morning light greeting every object and embracing it with color and life. I knew I was ready to have a great day.

Encountering such beauty made me realize that every morning I have the choice to include a positive outlook in my day or simply wake up feeling annoyed by the routine that I know follows.

Watching breathtaking sunrises is a tradition that I make time for every Monday morning. I believe it allows me to succumb into a profound pit of self-realization and fill my soul with hope.

In those few minutes that I share with nature, a new me is born to a fresh start. Sort of like an Etch-a-Sketch. Every morning I can begin with a clean new page and have the possibility to draw my day with colorful optimistic views. I have come a long way since I witnessed a new day. Recently, there have been many negative things surrounding me, and I often found myself suffocated with fears and worries and ultimately struggling to keep myself breathing with hope. It was hard to just shake away all the problems, but I realized it was possible to relax and stop dwelling in pessimism. I learned that I am the person behind the pen, and I can control my feelings and what happens in my day. Sure, not everyday is going to be full of smiles and my walk isn’t going to be followed with a happy song in the background, but it’s hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in this world.

I am here to make the best of my day, and inspired by losing my way in words of my feelings and thoughts, I did.