Perseverance To the Top

Dannielle - Kyle, Texas
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a child my mom told me I could do anything. I believed her until I began middle school living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Everything went down hill. I began to fail school do to family stresses. My parents were getting a divorce and at the same time my mom had breast cancer. I began to start failing school in sixth grade with it going unnoticed by my parents. In seventh grade they began to notice me failing and so did a teacher of mine. She told me it was ok that I was failing, because as a child of divorced parents I was going to fail. She told me that the statistics said so. I told myself from that day on that I would not be a statistic. So, I believe that through perseverance and pure heart that your can achieve anything.

I moved to Oklahoma and began a new life with my mom and my step dad. I began to slip into old habits my eighth grade year. I remembered what I told myself about being another statistic and began to push myself even more. I started playing softball for the school and that began to bring my grades up because we had to have a certain GPA to be on the team. I started to pass classes and really strive in everything I did. I passed my eighth grade year because I pushed myself.

As I began to see myself doing better and I liked it. I pushed myself to get better grades in high school to look forward in my future to college. In my freshman year, college looked as though it would be in my reach. I pushed myself to make good grades bringing home A’s and B’s. Then it all changed for me. I found out in the middle of my sophomore year that I was going to have to move back to Rio Rancho where I failed to do so well in school. The shock of having to move back to a place that I didn’t do so well academically nearly made all of my progress worthless. I returned to New Mexico in the middle of my sophomore year. Then I realized that it didn’t matter where I was in school I could make anything happen and I did.

I didn’t play any sports when I moved back but I still managed to make those same A’s and B’s for myself. I took that ACT exam; and even though I didn’t do so well on that I still got a scholarship to New Mexico State University because I made good grades. I began to realize that I made my life what it is because even though I may not have believed in myself from the beginning I still persevered and gave it all my heart to make it to college today. Because of my heard work I will be graduating soon.