My Best Friend

Jocelyn - St. Davids, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever played the game Red Rover? Did you ever think it could change your life? Neither did my best friend Cbelle. But while playing it one night at youth group, it did. The words, “Red rover, red rover, send Cbelle on over,” were the last she heard before she fell on the basement concrete floor and hit her head, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. For about two weeks, she acted like a 3-year-old, slowly progressing her way up to her actual age, a 15-year-od sophomore in high school. She was out of school for two months and then finally started coming in for just mornings; every afternoon she had to go to the hospital. This happened for the next four months because of her depleted stamina, energy, and endurance. The only reason she didn’t just stay at the hospital is because she insisted on going to school – she attended the best art school in the state as both a vocal and a drama major. The first doctor she went to said she’d be better than new in six weeks. But the doctors at therapy said she had lots of progress to make. She’s extremely intelligent, but no longer knew how to use it. Her short term memory diminished greatly and still is to this day. But despite what the doctors say, and despite her worsening condition, I believe in Cbelle – my best friend and personal hero, a work of art, a gift from God to the broken world.

Her family said she wasn’t herself. Her friends said she wasn’t the same person. But I didn’t care. It was all I knew her as. One visit to her while she was house ridden and we were inseparable. Cbelle is a great encourager and an amazing friend. She’s never forgotten about me although at times it seems I may have forgotten about her while I’m away at college. But nothing could break the bond that’s only become stronger o ver the past year. Another thing about her is she’s incredibly talented. At 14, she was composing songs on the piano, complete with words and three part harmonies. After her injury, she had all the time in the world to write songs, and she was always recording them on her keyboard or guitar and adding in numerous vocal tracks. I’ve never seen anything like it. By now she’s composed enough songs to comprise at least two albums. I swear, my best friend is a prodigy.

Cbelle has been through so much yet still has maintained her faith in God and the meaning of life. She’s so beautifully broken yet transformed into a creation of art and wonder. She never ceases to amaze me. To push through such a hardship of losing friends, losing support, and losing use of brain cells and still be eager to learn, live, and love, is such an amazing testimony. She has to make knew passageways in her brain, “rewired” as her mom says. I can’t help but admire her persistence and determination. What a wonderful blessing it is to have her in my life, as my friend. I believe that she can break through this hardship and prove everyone wrong. I believe her gifts can be used to praise the Lord Almighty. And mostly, I believe that Cbelle can do anything she wants to. Anything is possible if you just believe, and well, I believe in Cbelle.