Belief in Others

Justin - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe our notion of labels and judgment of one’s worth based on appearance should become a thing of the past. Too many times have I been judged as something I’m not simply because of the way I look. People have been judged in life and slotted into multiple roles that they are not, drug user, delinquent, criminal, and others. Humans as a whole are such incredibly complex beings that we cannot simply label them as one thing or another that share common characteristics. The stereotypes exist because we think it makes things easier when it only further complicates things.

Take my own life for an example. I was judged not only by my peers but also by adults as someone who would never accomplish anything in my life or contribute anything to the world. I was thought of as weak willed and a troublemaker because of my long hair and antisocial behavior. This description could not be further from the truth. I am a strong, bright, clean, and somewhat levelheaded individual who believes that I can become anything I want to become. And, indeed my career path of ultimately becoming a novelist reflects that. Stereotypes are harsh and could ultimately be our downfall.

Why is it that we look at others as different? We are all one race, one people, but immediately we will put labels on a person from the instant we meet them.

I believe the people of the world should stop looking at each other as American, French, Chinese, Black, or White. We are all human. We all feel, breathe, think and do. We are all the same yet many do not see it as that simple. We should look at each other as a whole people, a whole population who lives together on the same ground, the same Earth. I believe all people of the world are capable of this because I believe all people are capable of achieving goodness and want good to come out of this would. Without discrimination there would be so much less hate in the world. Without racial roles, classes in society, stereotyping, or any other form of segregation and discrimination we might become one as a people, as a society, as a world.