Livia - Coral Springs, Florida
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe that change is a good thing. Everybody has dealt with change; some have dealt with it more then others, and some have dealt with it better than others. Regardless, it’s been a part of everyone’s life.

Change was always been a closer friend of mine than I had liked it to be. Today I feel as if change has become an important character my life story. Growing up I was always the new girl, by the time I graduated high school I had attended eight different schools, had lived in eleven different houses, and three different countries. Adapting to change was something I frequently dealt with.

Like most kids, I didn’t always enjoy moving around so much; in fact, change was sometimes my worst enemy. My parents thought it would beneficial for my brother and I to experience new cultures. So we traveled like it was our job. As the years went by and the moving trucks kept coming, I began to long for a place to call home for more then a year. Every time we moved, I immediately tried to fit in. When that didn’t work, I began resent my parents for making me go through it all. When I turned 14 and was about to start high school I made my parents promise me one thing; I’d have the chance to go to the same high school for all four years. After a lot of begging and convincing, they finally gave in.

My freshmen year of high school was probably one of the happiest years of my life. I had finally gotten what I wanted… for about two years. The summer going into my junior year, I realized why my parents loved moving so much. Change forces you to adapt, it forces you make yourself feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I decided that I liked the challenge. That summer I told my parents I wanted to transfer to the local public high school. When I first brought up the brilliant idea to my parents, they reminded me of how much I supposedly hated change. They reminded me of the numerous tears I shed every time we moved. Nevertheless, they decided to trust my so-called better instinct and allowed me to transfer.

Letting go of everything I had always asked for was tough, but that decision of the best things that ever happened to me. During the next two years of high school, I learned to not only embrace change, but also embrace any other obstacles that come my way. Now that I once again decided to pick up and move to Orlando, I know that change is what I make it out to be.