Emmanuelle - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


What can be more fun than having the opportunity to play with a life size piano? Well I can tell you there isn’t anything better than spending time in FAO Schwartz. This is the largest toy store in Manhattan New York. As I walk in to the store I am in awe. Looking all around me I see different kinds of toys, lights, gadgets, and candy. I am amazed, standing there in the middle of the store trying to figure out what to do first, as if this were my first time. I finally made the decision to go to the toy that caught my eye.

There it was the biggest piano I had ever seen, it was black with white keys, and built into the floor, so that making music would be easier to do with your whole body. As I run to the piano in excitement and joy, I slowed down to stare at the magic card tricks being performed; I asked my self passing by “how did they do that”! But I still continued on to the piano. I could tell I have reached my destination even with my eyes closed. As I got closer I began to hear the off beat notes of the piano being played by others. My turn had just arrived and as I jump, and hop from key to key, now making off beat sounds like the others. Although the music was horrible it was like happiness to my ears. I didn’t care how horrible it sounded at the time, just as long as it was playing, I was happy.

Happiness in my opinion is the true essential to living a good life. FAO Schwartz might be a place for children, but even today I wouldn’t turn it down. Being inside of FAO Schwartz brings me happiness to go and be around all the fun toys. This toy store is like a fantasy world. Where you can play with any toy, and it plays back with you, FAO Schwartz is like the wonderful world of amazing toys and attractions. There are attractions such as the 2 level doll houses, along with the dinosaur that actually moved and roared as if it was real. Then there were the workers who dressed up as little robots dancing, running, around and playing with the children. This store is just filled with so many surprises. I believe it is every kids dream to have gone there at least once in their life time.

Even the dimensions of the store would have your jaws dropped. It is about three or four different themed floors to run up and down. Along with the floors, come the different themed toys throughout each corner of the store. One minute you can be playing with Barbie, and the next you can be playing with Tonka. With all the toys and fun things to do, FAO Schwartz is known as a toy chest.

FAO Schwartz is the one place I know I will find true happiness. This store has everything a kid, teenager, or even an adult can ever imagine. Although I never stayed in the store for over an hour, I was pleased to try and get my hands on everything I could have possibly played with. A toy was never brought but it was always played with. And as a child surprisingly I didn’t really care to take the toy home, I just wanted to stay in the atmosphere of the store itself. I pleased with the hour or two I spent playing, running, jumping, and dancing in the store. This is what made me happy and make all my bad feelings or thoughts go away. I used to think of this store as a place to never grow up. Once you have entered the store its like every thing negative goes away, and you can’t help but be happy and excited.