Keeping My Dream Job in Sight

David - Greenwood, South Carolina
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

One hot summer’s day, and going on my third year at Hunter’s Creek, it was HOT! I remember my skin was sticky, and I could feel the sweat burning my eyes. I could feel the heat pounding my head like a hammer hitting a nail. I remember looking at the blisters that have erupted on the bottom of my feet and the calluses that have sprung up on my hands from the hard labor that I did. I thought that it was going to be a miserable day being in the hot sun all afternoon; that evening however, my frown turned into a smile! Dave Fezler, station manager at the Sunny 103.5 Radio Station, saw my dedication in my work. He asked me, “How much do you get paid?” I replied, “$6.50 sir!” He then happily asked, “How would you like to come work at the radio station?” This was what I was waiting for; my dream has finally come true! That day was the happiest and became the most memorable moment in my life! I believe that in doing your “day job”, you should never give up on your “dream job.”

As an employee at Hunter’s Creek Golf Course & Country Club for three years, my daily tasks included washing golf carts and taking out the trash. Yep, that was and still is today my daily routine. However, I have learned how to manage my time while on the job, to respect others whether its staff or customers, and most importantly to be responsible. These lessons gave me the opportunity to apply my skills that I have adapted from the golf course to my radio work. For instance, at the radio station, I have to make sure that the commercials, music, and programs of all sorts run properly. These are major responsibilities that are vital to the station. This has not only given me the ability to keep going, but it also has made me focus on my goal of one day becoming a radio host.

Today, with three years under my belt as a cart boy, I am still washing carts and taking out the trash and doing my daily routines, as well as my radio work on Fridays and Sundays. I remember on Friday nights, running commercials for the Emerald High School football games was very entertaining, yet memorizing which prods to push up and which buttons to turn on was a big responsibility. I have learned time management, respect, and responsibility when it comes to being a dedicated and hard worker who has a goal and a dream to make true. My family told me, “follow your heart and let God guide your path!”

Looking back on that hot summer’s day, I’m surprised I didn’t pass out nor get sun burned. The thought of me working with radio blew my mind, and made me think about the future and what great accomplishments I could achieve. Working that grunt job as well as keeping your dream job in sight, will pay off in the end.