The Power of Dance

Katie - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in a lot of things, but most of all I believe in the power of dance. Dance is so powerful; it influences people on a daily basis. Dance is a separate language all on its’ own. It expresses its’ voice through movement, expression, feeling, breath, flow, and emotion. Dance is really powerful to watch as well. It can be very enchanting. When I watch ballets, I can’t take my eyes off of the dancers. The music, the pointe work, everything seems to make the performance hard to stop watching. There are so many different things about dance that can capture an audiences’ attention, the costumes, the music, the dancers, all contribute to the reaction of the audience.

Dance is my one true passion. It is the thing that I look forward to the most everyday. I’ve been dancing since I was five years old and I remember the day I knew I wanted to dance as a career. I was in eighth grade, the year I finally started to take dance seriously. We were the Rockettes in our recital that year. I remember we all felt like “hot stuff” that day because we had on our silver mini dresses with our black high-heeled tap shoes. We even got to come up out of the orchestra pit like in the movies. We rocked the dance that day and I remember after each performance we got a standing ovation. When the audience reacted so strongly, that was the moment when I decided I wanted to keep dancing whether it was for teaching or performing. I wanted to be able to share my passion with other people no matter what it took. Now I’m dancing here at Ball State, and loving every second of it. When I am dancing, I don’t see anyone else. It’s as if I’m the only one in the room even if it is filled with other people. Career and performance wise, I dance to impress other people, but when I dance for fun, it’s only for me. I do it because I love it. I would be nothing without it and I wouldn’t know what to do with my time. It’s the one thing I couldn’t live without. The power of dance is so strong. That one performance changed my life.