The Value of Money

Justin - Tampa, Florida
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Save your money, one day you will appreciate it,” my father once told me. Yes, buying cool stuff is great, but saving your money is even better. When I was younger I loved to buy and buy whenever I got any amount of money. I wouldn’t think twice about it. It was exciting for me to go to the mall or wherever and spend my money like it was nothing just to have something that I wanted at that moment even if it meant nothing to me in about a month. One could definitely say that was stupid and yes it was, but I am sure a lot of people are still like this.

Growing up with my father wasn’t the easiest, mainly because we got into many arguments. It was me usually knowing I was wrong but I wanted to argue anyway plainly because I was very good at it. Being a banker, my father felt very strongly about saving. As stated earlier, I felt the opposite. He told me on a weekly basis, “save your money, one day you will appreciate it.” Of course I didn’t listen and blew off his words of wisdom like I knew more than him. The arguments went on about this issue and I never listened until I entered high school.

Being a private school boy I thought everyone was wealthy. Going into a regular middle-class public high school made me realize that this was not the case. Some kids were of a higher class but others were obviously less fortunate. I quickly realized what my father had always talked about. I soon grew to appreciate the value of money. Money is not something everyone is fortunate enough to have. I see people who aren’t as fortunate but I also see people who are way more fortunate than myself, but the fact is that I have matured enough to appreciate my family and what opportunities they have given me. I no longer spend money loosely; in fact I don’t spend money at all if I don’t have to, no exaggeration. Yes, this may seem a little extreme but saving my money and watching it add up is one of the best feelings in the world to me. I know that that money is not going to be touched until I need it or when I grow up and buy something like a car or house. Now that I am 19, the knowledge and experience I have gained in the past applies to my everyday life.