The Impact of Drinking

Mackenzie - Naples, Florida
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: addiction, family

The Impact of Drinking

Ever since I was young, drinking was the one thing that had a huge impact on my life. Everywhere I turned someone in my family was spending the night getting drunk. I remember always trying to hide in my room with my sisters because my parents would be fighting, drinking was controlling their lives.

Holidays were something I never looked forward to in my family. Thanksgiving was the worst because my father would spend the whole day drinking and by dinner time the fighting would begin. My mother would spend hours cooking dinner for the family only to have my father rant about how poorly his meal was prepared. When he was drunk he never cared about the way he was making others feel. I feel bad for my father; I don’t believe it’s his fault he experienced the same thing growing up. My grandfather was a heavy drinker and my father was unable to learn from his mistakes. I think I have a chance to influence my peers and the future generations of my family.

I know that my father’s heavy drinking was a strong component in my parent’s decision to divorce. Ever since then I’ve vowed never to let drinking control any part of my life. Unfortunately, my father has continued to go down the wrong path. He met a woman who loves drinking as much or maybe even more than he does. She does nothing but encourage his drinking. My stepmother is unable to go anywhere without her Rubbermaid cup full of rum, it’s sad that drinking is so important to her. My father invites me to come see him, but I just can’t stand to see what he’s done with his life. It’s sad because I will not go to his house without my oldest sister or boyfriend for protection. They are the only ones I feel can defend me from my stepmother’s yelling and taunting.

In a way all of the terrible things I’ve experienced in my life have made me a stronger person. I refuse to go out and get drunk with all of my college peers since I know that there is a greater chance that my drinking could cause me to become an alcoholic like my father. I feel that I’ve become more independent because my parents were not always able to care for me when they were intoxicated. I’ve experienced a way of life that most kids my age could not imagine. Overall my experiences have made me a wiser and stronger person.

Drinking is a terrible problem that can destroy families and affect children in a way that they can never forget. I will make every attempt to help future generations, so they do not have to experience the suffering the impact of drinking creates.