This I Believe

Tatiana - chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that true friendship can stand the test of time and distance. Everyone needs a friend, a person to laugh with and even cry with. Friends can give a sense of belonging, a feeling that your existence matter. With a true friend I believe a person can be alone but never lonely.

I met my best friend Nour in middle school while eating lunch. From the start Nour and I had an unbreakable bond. Nour is the kind of friend who asks way too many favors, but she is the kindest and most loyal person that you could ever meet. Soon after we met in middle school Nour moved away, but we vowed to stay friends. Nour and I only speak about every six months. We get into these trivial and meaningless fights that keep us speaking to each other. When we eventually start talking again, its’ like old times.

In the midst of one of our arguments, I started a new school. I had been there for several weeks and still hadn’t made any real connections. I was eating lunch in the cafeteria by myself. I felt a little lonely. I couldn’t help but notice all the girls with their friends laughing and giggling and having a good time. I went from feeling a little lonely to a lot lonely. I started to think about my friend Nour. It’s easy to lose friends when one moves away.

That’s when I decided to text my so called best friend and tell her how I felt. I didn’t think she would reply. We were having one of our pointless fights. I rushed to finish my lunch because looking lonely is worst than feeling lonely. To my surprise she did reply. She wrote, “Don’t worry I am here for you.” I took such comfort in her words. My friend wasn’t there in body, but she was there in mind. I slowed down and actually enjoyed my lunch. She wrote nothing else in her text, it’s been months since we’ve talked, but it doesn’t even matter.

I believe that a true friendship can exist even in the absence of communication. I don’t believe Nour and I have to talk everyday for us to still be close friends. Even though Nour and I don’t talk regularly, she remains in my thoughts. I think that distance strengthens and develops a friendship .When Nour and I start talking again it’s like old times. We reminisce about our middle school days and how and how our life has changed since then. No one knows me better than her. I can be myself around her. We are more like sisters than friends. Every time I find myself asking for I table for one and start to feel lonely. I think about my best friend Nour who is only a text away and it all becomes okay.