Brittany - riverton, Utah
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Unconditional love

I believe that all kids should have that feeling of unconditional love. No matter if people tell you that there child hood as nothing to do with there feelings here and now they are completely wrong. It something that people search for and sadly some may never find

My family is a pretty odd one, you have one choice on my dad’s side, you do what they say or they don’t talk to you. On my moms side they don’t really care about you they just live there life day by don’t and aren’t really concerned with what you are doing.

I remember my whole life searching for someone who could give me that unconditional love because the only time that I got love was when I did what my dad wanted or kissed up to my mom. One day I made the mistake of making my dad angry with me and he deiced that he was going to disown me; I didn’t understand what was going on. I made him mad and no we don’t talk? It didn’t make any sense.

So not to turn this into a counseling session or into pity me because of my family but I know that my life has been different ever sense that day. It is hard knowing that you can only find love if you do the right things, I’m still searching for that love that will be there if I screw up or make them mad.

I believe that there is a difference between love and unconditional love.