Teaching should be rewarding

Theresa - SpringHill, Florida
Entered on December 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that teachers need more resources and assistance to properly teach all students at a pace in which they can learn. Teaching should be an enjoyable and gratifying experience rather than having to watch students fall between the cracks due to lack of resources and personnel.

Teachers need proper resources in order for their students to succeed. By resources I mean extra tutoring like teacher’s aides, better technology such as advanced computers and internet sites, and better teaching materials such as textbooks and workbooks that are easy for the students to comprehend. I believe that if these resources are instituted, students will be able to learn more and teachers will love going to work every day because the students are excelling.

I also believe that teachers need to engage students more in the curriculum by using different techniques to help them learn. For example, my English teacher in high school introduced me to literature and different ways of teaching in order to make it fun. She gave us creative projects and paper assignments that made us use our imagination. This is what I wish to bring to my teaching someday; however, without the proper resources, I will not be able to do so. For example, in a classroom of forty students I will not be able to see who is struggling without the help of a teacher’s aide to help assist those students who are falling behind.

For example, I work in a Christian school two days a week tutoring students who need help in math and english. I have found that the teachers in the lower grades see the student is struggling, point it out to the parent, and then are sent to me for help. I have also found that students in the upper classes have to ask for help instead of the teachers. I believe that the teachers are trying to teach the students responsibility. This is also good, but I think too much responsibility can lead to slacking and low grades; therefore, I believe that if the resources are available, the students should be able to receive help before it is too late.

By working in the capacity of children I have found what I love to do and the place where I belong. In the three months I have spent tutoring those kids, their grades have gone up exponentially. I have one girl who brought her grade up from a D to a B plus. When I heard that, I got a warm feeling inside and I had to abstain myself from crying. I presented her with congratulations instead. That is what teaching means to me. This is one example of how extra resources can help a child excel in the education system.

I believe that being a teacher is a very important basis of education and teaching should be an enjoyable experience. With the proper resources and personnel, I believe teachers will be able to hold on to that love of education.