I Believe That Benevolence Can Change Lives

William - Antioch, Tennessee
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I enjoy helping other people whenever I can. Though it might not always be

something that I want to do, I’ll still help out. It makes people happy and lets them know

that someone out there cares. The fact that I made someone’s day is a great achievement

in my eyes.

I believe that benevolence changes lives. Not long ago, I was walking to my

vehicle after a long day of classes. I saw a young couple stranded with some sort of car

problem so I asked if they needed any help.

“Do you have any tools?” a frustrated young man asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be over in a minute,” I replied. Not knowing what I was about to get into, I

pulled up to his car and ask him what is wrong. He tells me the problem and shows me a

brand new tensioner pulley. Knowing that I have a report due in less than six hours, I

figure out how long it will take to repair their car. I did a similar job for a friend of mine a

few weeks before and it didn’t take long. After multiple cuts on my fingers and hands, a

lot of grease, and two hours later, I finish. The young couple, down on their luck, were

full of excitement when I lowered the car and told them to start the engine. As they tested

it in the parking lot, I noticed a glow from both of their faces when they returned.

“William, you are an angel,” he proclaimed with a very generous handshake.

“Thank you very much,” the young woman said. “We would have had to pay

about two hundred fifty dollars. What do we owe you?” she asks in a very giving voice.

I tell them to just help someone else. That is always my answer when asked that question.

As I get my materials together for my assignment, they pull aside me and express one

more ecstatic thank you.

About five minutes later when I was washing up in the business building’s

restroom, I looked up into the mirror and a sense of enlightenment came over me. Once

again, I felt as if I had change someone’s life.

Not many people perform random acts of kindness these days. Most expect

something in return or are just to self-centered to even care. You may not always be

acknowledged for your good deed, but do it anyway. An unexplainable reward awaits

you every time. Be benevolent. You’ll know what I mean.