Humor and Laughter: The World’s Greatest Things

Kyle Moore - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that Humor and Laughter are the world’s greatest things. They can change the outcome of everything. I have had a few moments in my life when I have looked on the Brightside of things and everything turned out to be better than it seemed. Family can help you get a better sense of humor.

My family and I have a great sense of humor. Mostly the boys in the family have a good sense of humor (that includes me.) We get our sense of humor from my dad’s side of the family. When everyone is in a sour mood, my dad cracks a joke and there is no way you can’t laugh. That is one example of many ways humor and laughter can change the outcome and your attitude on things.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and not wanting to do anything? Then a friend comes along smiling like nothing else and you think

“Oh great here comes Mr. Smiley.”

And of course you say.

“I don’t want to chat I’m in a bad mood”

Well then your friend somehow makes you laugh. You instantly realize that life is way better if you are in a good mood, it changes views of life. It’s like someone knocked on your head and said

“Hello? Wake up!”

“Smell the roses”

If you’re feeling down go to your friends, family, relatives they will help. When I ‘m in a bad mood I got to my dad he always makes me feel better about myself. My brother is also a master at humor. He can come up with the funniest things ever. He memorizes the entire movie’s lines, and recites them at the best times. I remember when he walked in the kitchen and yelled-

“Self great day-moving on.” or “Self bad day moving-on.

If you found yourself in a bad mood just move on. It will help. Don’t dwell on the past live in the present and work for the future. Days happen like that when you are in a bad mood that’s normal but what you don’t know is when you’re in a bad mood your affecting everybody in the room in a negative way. But when you’re in a good mood you’re affecting everybody around you in a good way. Just because one small little thing bad happens to you are you going to let it ruin your day and possibly everybody else’s?

My best friend and I have known each other for a long time when one of us is in a horrible mood or having a bad day we are always there to help each other turn their day into a good one. We are way different the n the story of the crabs. If you put one craps in a crap pot it will get out with no trouble, but if you put two crabs in one pot then they will keep pulling the other back in so they can get out.

So today I dare you to make someone fell better about themselves. Smile and pat a person on the back and say

“Smile, it will make you feel better.”

Come on I dare you.