Melodic Emotions

Jamal - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Melodic Emotions

I believe that music can alter a person’s emotion and is caused by a negative outcome from an artist. For me, music was the key to my tranquility. At first I would just walk around this world with such a hateful attitude until one day I heard a melodic string collaborate with a voice sent from heaven. It was as if I myself knew what the composer felt while constructing a sorrowful tune that made me want to do better for myself. Now I sit and observe the world as music moves those motives of a human being everyday.

Since that day of tranquility I have been a follower of the everlasting string instead of going around being hateful towards those who have done noting to me. I sit and observe closely at how people react to a Mary J. Blige track compared to a “shoot em up go kill em” type of track. People tend to flow with the mood of the vocalist singing the song, yet the vocalists tend to understand the message the instrumental is trying to bring forth. Meaning the average listener may not get the same message from the song that the vocalist got while making the song.

I saw a group of people around my age hanging at the local mall one day. They seemed like calm and friendly people until a Young Jeezy song was played. Next thing you know their expressions changed and as the song died out they felt like getting violent. When I noticed that a bunch of random questions came flowing throughout my mind asking, “Why did that have to happen? What made those polite people act so savage? Why?” That moment of that day made me realize how much music can affect someone’s intentions and their motives.

Its odd how one tune can move so many people in so many ways. Musicians have a power that the average person sometimes wishes they could have. Yet artists fail to realize that making a negative song can have a strong affect on ones emotions. Knowing that I now make melodic tunes that can sooth and relax ones mind instead of making their life more difficult. I am no longer roaming these streets awaiting the arrival of my death. My goal as been set and my belief will stay strong.

Only those with a strong passion for music may understand, but the average listeners are the ones who become your fans. For there to be positive influences their must be positive music that sends out an emotion that opens up a mind to the American dream. Therefore I have bestowed on myself the burden of other people’s problems and situations. It might get frustrating at times but I will be one of those positive influences that this world needs throughout society.