Why do you ignore the homeless?

Dionna - Cleveland, Ohio
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Why do you ignore the homeless? It’s not fair for you to do that. It makes them feel sad and not wanted. You can’t give them the extra change that’s in your pocket? If you give it will make both of you feel better.

Homeless people are the same people as us, they just don’t have anything. They might have had it hard coming up. People in their life might have told them they were not going to be anything in life. You think they are phony when they ask you for money, but think about it, change isn’t anything to you. Homeless people can do a lot with change. I give change to the homeless because I don’t like to see them in the street. The president should get people to build more shelters for the homeless. They could stay there, rent free, as long as they wanted. People just don’t care about homeless. That’s just sad.

What if it was you or your family members? You wouldn’t want anyone to treat you or them differently, so why would you do it to the homeless. I believe everyone should be treated the same no matter what they are going through or how they look. I strongly believe in this because they are just like us.