The Power of Food

Lody - Woodbridge, Virginia
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Someone once said that music and sports bring people together. I feel that they forgot the one thing that truly brings people together: food. This is why I believe in the power of food. Food has the power to drive people to do a variety of things. It makes hungry college students like me go on food runs to Wal-Mart at odd hours of the night. It can even make us go to birthday parties for people we don’t even like. I mean, can you think of a good birthday with out a cake? No, I didn’t think so. Food can also be used as bribery. When we were kids we were all bribed with rewards if we were well behaved. Whether your parents promised you a lollipop or a McDonald’s Happy Meal it always got us to act proper. When I was a toddler, and I did not want to eat my vegetables, my mother would always say, “If you eat them, you’re going to get strong like Popeye (The Sailorman).” And for some odd reason, that saying would work every time.

Another power that food has is the ability to define our world. Here is an example: When I think of Bugs Bunny, I always picture him popping out of his rabbit hole and munching on that same carrot he’s been eating for decades. When I think of the movies I always think of popcorn and candy. This power even reaches our favorite holidays. Halloween is known for candy and caramel apples, which in my opinion should be outlawed. Whenever I think of Christmas, along with the endless movies, presents, songs, and of course Santa, I always think of the best type of cookie there is: the Christmas cookies. Even Easter has jellybeans and chocolates. Not to mention Barbeque on the Fourth of July. And how could I forget Thanksgiving, the one holiday that incorporates all the food you can think of.

Food can bring people together, as well as separate them. Food can make people go to activities when normally, they wouldn’t step anywhere near it. Another example would be: cookouts. Even if you do not like the people there there’s food so you might as well stay. Food can separate people as well. Here is a prime example: Pepsi or Coke? Or how about McDonald’s or Burger King? Everyone has their preference, so in a way it separates people.

Food also has the power to control our emotions. When I see one of my favorite foods, it always puts a smile on my face. When I see or even catch a whiff of food I do not like, it usually disappoints me. All in all food has a variety of powers. This is why I believe in the power of food.