Everything Happens for a Reason

Tyler - Beaufort
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

The world works in mysterious ways, at times it may seem to take a turn for the worse, but in the end everything happens for a reason. When I was about six years old, my parents got divorced. Most of my memories of childhood are filled with images of my mom crying. My mother divorced my father for having an affair with one the nurses in his office. After my mom had already been crushed by the affair, she had to hear stories, from my siblings and me, about spending time with our father and his new girlfriend, too young to understand it would affect our mom.

My mother recently told me a story about her and her grandpa when she was a child. They were walking on some of his property when he said, “Mary, one day I will give this property to you and your husband Sam.” My mom giggled and asked how he knew her husband would be named Sam and he replied that he just knew.

My mom is now seeing a man named Sam and I have not seen her this happy in years. Since my parents’ divorce, I have seen my mom go on quite a few dates, but this time it’s different. If you ask me, I would say it’s fate. Now looking back on my parents’ divorce, I can see it was for the best. I can easily tell that my parents were not meant for each other, but without their marriage my mom would not have her four children. So thanks to her unsuccessful marriage she gets her children and now, the man of her dreams. Fate has not only affected my mom’s life, but mine, too.

Two years ago a girl named Kirsten Ruffner was forced to move from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Beaufort, South Carolina, where her mother planned on opening a store. Now even though this move was horrible to her, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. It took about three weeks of hard work to finally get her to notice me; Kirsten and I have been together ever since.

After getting to know Kirsten, I found out that her grades from her old school did not reach her full potential. In fact, she was quite scared that she was not going to be accepted into the colleges of her choice, but her grades quickly rose at her new school. The move that seemed so dreadful to her ended up rescuing her future and bringing the love of my life to me.

Looking at my mom’s and Kirsten’s life, it is easy to see that sometimes things do not go as planned, and may seem as if nothing could get worse. These situations occur in everyone’s life, but in the end everything works out. I have proof for believing that everything happens for a reason.