Retail Therapy

Minh-Anh - Overland Park, Kansas
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I can’t think of anything more thrilling than throwing open those twenty pound double glass doors and being greeted with a cool wind of lingering scents that transcend you to retail nirvana. A breeze of perfumes, crisp clothes, suede heels, and roasted delights from the Nut Factory that takes the problems away as it rushes over you. That sweet breeze blowing away the fight you had with your boyfriend the night before or the bad grade you received on a test the morning of. It’s just you, the endless racks of multihued clothes, and the many others joining the same philosophy.

I believe that shopping is the best therapy you can get. It helps you turn your focus away from the stresses of life and on to those cute peep-toe shoes that make your legs look hot! The retail world is an escape from life’s complicated questions that you could never solve and is replaced with simple ones of “should I get this top in black or white?” The retail world is simple. I believe it is an oasis away from your real life. It is that much needed reachable island escape that can found in a huge drab concrete building just a short fifteen minutes away. It is an island that through every white marbled pathway and gray rigged escalator, leads you to a chest full of treasure hung on plastic hangers. It is in that chest which unlocks the treasure of glowing inner confidence, personal identity, and ultimate escape.

Many feel that spending money you don’t have, on clothes you already do, is a complete waste of time. It has been stereotyped that by being a shopaholic, defines you as superficial, shallow, and one-dimensional. Some say these shopaholics are just funding a mass corporation which conforms them to the latest fad and media.

But I believe that it doesn’t conform you to be like everyone else, it transforms you to be somebody you didn’t think you could be. I believe in the empowerment of how your outward persona inspires your inner persona. There is a little bit of magic and mystery of how a suit can make a man or the power of how a handbag can change a young girl into a young lady. That by putting on a pair of fresh Nike tennis shoes and Under Armor sports bra, you can run a marathon. That by putting on a well-tailored pencil skirt with matching blazer, you can conquer a job interview. That by putting on a pair of Channel stunna shades gives you the confidence to face the day ahead.

I believe that by creating this external glow, you ignite an inner self that helps you be the person you want to be without life’s strains and insecurities.

Some people say that by the size of my closet, I am superficial. But I believe I’m just emotionally healthy. =)