I believe in imposiblilty

Ally - Berkeley, California
Entered on December 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in concepts

in redundancy and repetition

and the safety that makes the monotony take hold and kill

while the mop sweeps the dirty linoleum floor in identical circles

in the hands of the immigrant who ran bleeding under chain-link fences

I believe in the thought process

of psychoanalytic misfits in grass-filled parks

wandering alone

through the ever changing weave of toddlers

I believe in investment

in government privatization

and 1 percent in Malibu while the rest sit still watching smoke stacks

on the streets of the Tenderloin

I believe in persuasion

bailouts stitching up golden Haliburton parachutes falling slowly to the ground

as houses sit empty relinquished to the state

and their inhabitants cry tears poisoned by addiction

the adverse effect of poverty

I believe in golden arches

opening up to endless leisure and buffets without lines

reached through clotting of fat-soaked blood in form of burgers

I believe in morals

children’s’ toys leadening their blood and minds

six foot tall dolls with legs to their waists

actresses who closely resemble skeletons

and G-I Joe’s squeaking plastic muscles

I believe in labor rights

the white cotton tee that clings to your skin

made of barbed wire by children with stapled fingers

sewing hysterical dreams

of freedom in Chinese torture factories

I believe in entertainment

the distracting box of wires and glass that tear at my eyes

and save me from realities harsh truths

I believe in lies

in half hour infomercials attacking mankind instead of your flabby abs

and one hundred and fifty million dollars gone to brainwashing precious gullible voters

I believe in pride

and our children in Iraq sobbing hot desert sand

and vomiting bullets and blood

I believe in beauty

god strangling his angels with their halos

just so he can make his production deadline

I believe in America

I believe in true human contact

and doors which open allowing secrets to spill out into the saran wrap covered world

causing people to unite for a common cause

I believe in kindness

the woman who labored all day in front of the hot oven sweating compassion

only to feed the strangers entering her safe haven through the beautiful garage

I believe in the power of my pen

and the words that will someday be more powerful than nuclear weapons

I believe in exploration

the dark concrete zooming beneath the hot rubber tires

as the world blurs by outside my window

and we fly together across the highways at dawn

I believe in education

and the students yearning to learn

not for standardized obligation but for the simple thirst for knowledge

I believe in celebration

colored balloons falling from the skies as we touch

in the triumph of imposibility

This I believe