A Grandmother’s Love

Marissa - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

Her door is always open, her kitchen is always filled with freshly baked goodies, her arms are always open for a hug, and her smile lets us know that we will always have a friend. I believe God gives us this very special person in our life because whenever we our upset with our parents, need a little cheering up from a bad day, or just want to be spoiled with endless gifts, grandmother’s are there for us any time, any place.

From the day I was born, my grandmother was eager to take the tedious babysitting jobs; my mom would always question why, but it was her outpouring love for her grandkids that inspired her to take those diaper duties and messy cleanups that came with the task of babysitting. As I grew older, just as any teenager does, my parents and I argued over the silliest things. I would loudly stomp to my room, and the first person I would call is my grandma. Her comforting voice always soothed my mood, and even when I was having a terrible day I could count on her for reassurance. I believe a grandmothers’ gentle voice and warm heart can lighten any mood especially that of an anxious grandchild.

I believe a grandma puts the interest of her grandkids before anything else in the world (even before her own kids). She spoils her grandkids with blankets, bottles and love from the day they are born. As her grandchildren age, she sends that same love only in the form of a fifty dollar bill, sometimes for no reason at all. With twenty-five grandchildren running around my grandma’s small but quaint household it may seem like a tough and expensive job, but to her each and every one of us is worth the time. Volleyball occupied my life for nine years, and when traveling to Baltimore or Omaha to play in tournaments, my grandma made it a point to come watch me play, proving to me that even when she could be at home cleaning the house or chatting about the latest gossip with her neighborhood friends, I am one of the most essential people in her life.

I believe there is no love like that of a grandmother. Because even when times are tough and life gets complicated, there is always one person to count on. Her doors are always open, her kitchen is never empty, her gifts are ever present, and her love is forever outpouring.