Faith in Love

James - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love, but I have not completely grasped its concept. It seems like such a simple term, but it’s so hard to define. I believe love is the result of patience, wisdom, and selflessness. Adding just one of these characteristics to my life would be so beneficial, but I would still be suck where I started. What is love?

Each year of high school I became obsessed with a different girl, and each time I thought I knew what love was. These girls were drop-dead gorgeous, but that was all I cared to know. I never gave them a chance to express themselves and show me who they really where. I disrespected them because I made their looks the focus.

As a freshman, I totally lost all control of my emotions late one night. I was so angry at myself and at God that I began to break down and cry. I had trouble casually talking to my crush because I would over think every word I spoke. I never had trouble talking to girls, why did God have to make it start now?

This superficial mentality was carried up through my junior year. It was a guy I had known since our grade school days that pulled me aside one day next to our lockers. He said, “James, it’s not all about image. That’s why you’ve never had a legitimate girlfriend.” I will never forget that, as it has helped me develop a new mentality. When I do get married I want my wife to be my best friend, not just someone society sees as pleasing.

In a world where materialistic desires reign supreme, it’s a good start. I feel as if God has given me the tools to mature and discover the true meaning of love.

A woman’s beauty will always cause a feeling of attraction within me, but it is her ability to be happy with herself that gets me now. I thank God for the opportunity to spend time with these girls who aren’t afraid to express themselves. It takes so much courage. Seriously, is there really anything sexier than self-confidence?