The Art of Originality

Melissa - Springfield, Virginia
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have never seen my brother consume a green vegetable. His idea of a satisfactory meal is a plate of chicken tenders with French fries, or waffles with bacon. His consumption of Mountain Dew and energy drinks is comparable to his intake of oxygen.

Describing my brother David is about as easy as grabbing the wind. The words are there; I’m just not sure what they are. Throughout his life he has always demanded to stand out regardless of the situation. He feels the need to wear bright colored polo shirts and strange colored dress pants while competing in bowling tournaments. He doesn’t just walk into rooms; he conquers rooms. He possesses the quite unarguable total package: a heart of gold and unsurpassable charisma. His positive personality is infectious. Proudly owning the gifts of sarcasm and wit, he says the things that everyone wishes they could say. Fact is: he is who he wants to be and does what he wants, end of story.

I cannot remember a single time my brother has ever said the words, “I can’t.” As a child, he discovered he had a passion for sports, especially baseball. Overall, he was a good player, and worked very hard to be attentive and fast, but he struggled when it came to be his turn to bat. His vision out of his left eye has been bad ever since his eyes developed. Being right hand dominant, his sight became an issue in attempts to successfully compete in all aspects of the game. Seeing his frustration, my parents encouraged him to “try something else,” but he didn’t want to. Instead of giving up on himself and taking the easy way out to avoid disappointment, he began working with his coach at every given opportunity. He started to learn how to bat left handed since that was the only way he could continue to try to improve his game.

With an afro of curly dark brown hair enhanced with curl shaping shampoo and conditioner, a strange diet, mismatched clothes, a sarcastic demeanor and natural charm, I believe people could learn a lot from him.