The Unfair Nagative Reputation of College Athletes

Derrick - Ooltewah, Tennessee
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Some people have a negative outlook on college athletes. These people believe that college sports are a distraction from doing well in school. They also think athletes are stupid, self absorbed party goers who waste their teacher time. I believe otherwise. I believe more focus is required when you are an athlete to make the grade in order to participate in sports.

College sports are not a distraction from doing well in school. It is the exact opposite. Being involved in sports helps me focus on what goals you need to accomplish in school to actually be successful in sports. Without the right grades you cannot participate. The athletes receive tutors to help make sure that they do make the right grades. The tutors are not there to do the work for them.

Although some athletes may come off to be cocky not all of them are this way. They are everyday people who have a lot more responsibility than the normal person. They don’t think that they are above everyone. I see myself as an equal to everyone; I don’t feel special because I am a part of a sports team. I don’t go around running over people because I think they are below me.

One very valuable thing that you can learn from sports is time management. You can’t operate on a do things whenever they come up system; you have to have a tight nit system, a good scheduled plan. Time management has helped me become a better student. If I had not been forced to manage my time my life would be a lot more hectic.

Another good thing about sports is that it helps put a lot of people through college. The scholarships that athletes receive have helped people earn their bachelor’s degrees. Without the scholarships I might not be able to go to school because my family just can’t afford it.

Overall, being a student athlete has taught me responsibility that I don’t think that I could have learned doing anything else. My coaches have taught me to always show respect to everyone no matter what. I have learned skills that will benefit me in the real world and will ultimately help land me the job I want. I believe that everyone could benefit from the experience of being a college athlete.