High Stakes

Mario - Sacramentop, California
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, setbacks

I believe life is a gamble. I believe this because nobody is born with the same circumstances. You have to work with what you got like in a poker game. If you are low on chips and happen to have pocket tens, chances are you might want to go all in but have to be cautious because that higher pair could be out there.

A time that helps highlight this belief is my childhood. My dad left when I was five and my mom almost died of a brain tumor when I was eleven. It was hard to coupe with at that age but I would manage. It was like I had a two and a seven off suite, that’s suppose to be the worst hand in poker but that was the hand I was dealt so I played it.

My mom couldn’t work after her brain trauma so we didn’t have much income, just what social security gave her for us to survive. We had to get on section eight to save money. I was introduced to drugs at a young age and seen people sell them my whole life. I was aware of how I could make money. I sold weed for a little while to get clothes and shoes that I wanted because I was tired of having the same old stuff but when my mom found out it made things worse for her. She had known I was up to no good but when it was right in her face it put a tremendous amount of stress on her. She had another brain tumor. It was a stupid gamble and I had not fully thought of the risks of my actions. Like betting on a pair of kings but getting beat by a flush. Since this event I have pretty much stayed out of trouble for the most part and tried to better my life. I figure if I am in school, I got good odds to do positive and I am going to play it to the fullest.

Its smart to know when your playing stupid or risky like if your betting on cards that you are probably not going to hit in the turn or in the river but people gamble different. I look at life like that. Gambling has a lot to do with the odds just like life. A life of crime is not worth it to me. You would probably end up dead or in prison by the time you made it to a figure like Scarface.

All in all life is a gamble. Watch your bluffs and play smart. If you take chances or risks make sure it’s worth it. Don’t play with bad odds because it is life and to some people its worth more than others. As for me and my life I’m all in, after all you do play to win.