This I Believe

Susan - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have known my tae kwon do instructor basically my whole life. I met him when I began in kindergarten and now I’m nineteen, so that’s about twelve years. Everyday back then, and even now the few times I still see him, he always mentions the word of God and explains how we need God in our lives. He explained that when he was a teen he was an alcoholic involved with drugs, cheating, and gangs. He told my sister and I how God helped him fix and sober up his life and become a better person. The person he is now who speaks so proudly of God I could never imagine was ever that way.

There have been times in my life when I felt there was no way out or no help. I felt lost when my parents divorced when I was six and was heartbroken when I found my brother was into drugs and became an alcoholic. I was devastated when my friend passed away from drowning at school. I began to pray for help and an answer of why things were the way they were.

I believe that my instructor helped me through by showing me how God helped him when he was in a time of need. Both my parents are now remarried and in happy relationships. I have accepted that they have moved on and become happy with another person. As for my brother, he did stay sober for a year with no drugs or alcohol. However he has fallen back into that trap, but I believe that my prayers along with my families will be answered and he will become clean and successful. And as for my friend Vincent, I still feel him with me at times and I know that I can speak with him whenever I pray. This I believe.