The Sciences of Earth’s Inhabitants

Daniel - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: science

If there was anything I could truly count on in my life, it would be the sciences. While I love the support of my friends

and family, they will one day grow distant. The sciences, however, will last as long as humanity remains. They provide logic

to this world that explains how life exists. I believe the sciences about Earth’s inhabitants explain how life exists.

Since a child, I always had a thing for science. I always performed well in science classes, particularly biology.

While I wasn’t strongly into some subjects, I did my best to know the most about them. I believe sciences aren’t something

that are easy to pick up, but instead takes a fascination with one of its fields to effectively “hook” onto and learn about. As for

myself, I effectively “latched” onto my liking for animals, which relates to the field called biology.

I love animals and want to know as much as I can about them. Over my life I experienced the life cycles of animals through my

pets, which taught me their behavioral patterns. Because of this, I developed empathy towards observing animals and how

they go about their lives. I also went to zoos and viewed documentaries to further learn about creatures.

Through my fascination of animals I focused my scientific understanding on reptiles. As a boy, I always loved

reptiles. I disliked it when people would say that snakes are slimy which I knew was false. It was because of this deeper

fascination that I went to the reptile house in zoos to observe them.

I’m sure many people, perhaps you would know one, loved dinosaurs when they were young. As a child, I also

sought to increase my knowledge on dinosaurs and their world. Because they have long been extinct, their study is more

complex than that of living things today. I believe that today’s scientists must predict dinosaur behavior by observing and

comparing the behavior of today’s animals. It has even been a fantasy of mine to successfully clone one. However, I realize

that by doing so would make humans fall victim to some of the dangerous dinosaurs.

My most controversial scientific belief is the acceptance of evolution. I believe in God, but not that he made

everything though I’m sure God has that power. I personally believe that God caused the Big Bang which began the creation

of the galaxy that the Earth is a part of and that life would eventually inhabit. I believe that it is controversial since evolution

occurred over millions of years, making it hard to observe in one’s lifespan and religious beliefs.

I believe that understanding animals, living and extinct, helps us in understanding how life came to exist on Earth.

Today, many programs exist to preserve animals that are in danger of extinction. It pains me when a species becomes

extinct and how people are to blame. If we could find a way to help humanity without the cost on animals, only then will we no

longer risk repeating the same acts that lead to previous extinctions. By doing so, Earth will continue to have animals to

study instead of replicated models in museums and biologists could continue their studies and not be out of a field of work.