I believe in Facebook

Lisa - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in facebook.

When my sister invited me to join, I didn’t expect much out of the experience. But I have had friendships renewed, questions answered, and misperceptions corrected.

Catalina High School ’74 – that was what I typed into the search bar. And they began to emerge: fellow members of my graduating class. People I hadn’t even been close to, asking to be my friend on facebook.

Heather was one. I remembered her long pale blond hair, and that she had been in a modern dance class. We began communicating back and forth, and the woman that Heather had grown up to be was fascinating, fun, and interesting. I knew that when she wrote, “I believe I can do anything, with power of attorney and duct tape.” Then Patti surfaced – my best friend from seventh grade, long lost to the world. We began having long telephone conversations. Last month, I ended up giving a tea for five women I hadn’t seen in 35 years. Two of them probably hadn’t spoken a word to me in high school. But the common bond of the graduating class means so much more now than it did in 1974. And the cliques, stratas and groups that defied who are friends were had vanished. We met, we held hands, we shared and laughed and cried and listened to who we had all become.

That was wonderful. But not the best part.

During the tea, someone asked if Linda Taylor had friend requested me. I said she had, but I didn’t remember her.

“Oh, yes you do!” They said. They showed me her picture in the yearbook.

Oh…that Linda. Linda Taylor was the coolest girl in my grade school. She was the social leader, and looked down on me. I couldn’t believe that Linda Taylor would now ask to be my friend.

But I answered the friend request, and told her she had been the ruler of all she surveyed in sixth grade. She answered that if she seemed aloof, it was because she was afraid someone would find out she had only three dresses.

She felt inadequate.

Linda Taylor did? Even now, the ten-year-old girl in me found that hard to believe. But I do believe it. The former ice queen is a warm person with an important life that has nothing to do with being the prettiest anything. I find myself thinking about her when my children discuss who is popular, who likes or doesn’t like them. They don’t know these people yet. Maybe because in high school, many of us don’t know ourselves yet.

Facebook has given the Catalina class of 74 a way to find out who we were, who we weren’t, and who we became. Facebook has given me a powerful opportunity to find out I like people I didn’t know I liked. And that people who I thought didn’t like me…do. I believe in facebook