This I Believe

martese - Seminole, Oklahoma
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in success. Growing up I saw my mother struggle day to day to raise three girls as a single parent, working, and keeping my sisters and I fed and clothed, from paycheck to paycheck. My mother would always do what she could to keep us in line and on the right track. I can remember coming in one day from playing outside and seeing my mom sitting in candle light, crying listening to music. I, only being in the second grade, was fully aware of our situation and her pain. I knew that I had to rise above the struggle and to become and independent woman not only for me but for my mommy. My intention is not to say that my mother’s life was not successful, but rather to express my belief in success and strive to live a better life without the pain and obstacles she had to face.

The world is full of possibilities. I believe that success lies in the upbringing and how a person translates that the good or bad into his own independent life. Just because a child grows up in an abusive or violent environment, that does not entitle him to live what he learns. He has the power to do better for Himself and be better than he grew up around. Many say that you live what you learn, but you also learned from what you have lived. There have been times in my life that brick walls would blind me from the aspired path, yet I still believe in a beautiful, hard earned success.

Success is not only power and money, it is also the value you feel form making a difference in peoples’ lives and being productive. I have complete control of my destiny and the only stumbling blocks that can impede success are those that I allow to do so. Nothing in this world has ever come easy; you have to have the will and drive to reach your goals. I can never allow another human being to lower my spirits and tell me that I am incapable of achieving success. I hope to transcend the struggles of my parents, to maintain my GPA in high school, to avoid trouble and to go to college to fulfill my anticipated life of success and honor to my mom. Then I can maybe do the same for my family as she did for me. My main goal is to surpass others’ low expectations of me such as just getting by with no worth or value. I believe in success because I believe in me and all that the world had to offer. I will leave my mark in this world, whether it is known by only my family and friends, a small community, or the entire world. The success that I build for myself can only be defined by my interpretations of success.