More Than a Pastime

Sydney - Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Many people say that music isn’t really an art form. I know that my dad says that music is just a way to pass the time. I believe that music is the most difficult art form. Since music is such a big part of our society, it is more that a pastime, to me at least.

Painting and drawing require instruments. You need paper, or something to draw on. You need something to draw with, and you need something to draw. If you are sculpting something you need a material to sculpt with and something to sculpt. Writing requires a topic and something to write with. To write a song you need instruments, lyrics (which include a topic and something to write on), different melodies for the different instruments, and something to sing about. To make music you need so much more than you same for other art forms.

You need a certain amount of talent to do any art form. But you need a lot of talent to make a song. You can have little talent and write a good story, or draw an ok picture. But in order to write a song you need to be able to sing, you need to be able to write, and you need to know how to play multiple instruments. It is possible to make a song without any talent, but it won’t have a solid rhythm, melodic tune, or meaningful lyrics. Music is the only area where talent is necessary.

Music is the only art form that has people who just can’t do it. My dad is one of those people. If we’re in the car listening to music I’ll sing along. He’ll try, but it comes out like talking. I have almost no ability in drawing, but once in a while, I can draw a pretty good picture. My dad can never sing. He can try, but he just can’t. He appreciates music and tries to sing along, but the only music he can sing along to is metal, where the lyrics are screamed with no tune. My brother is kind of the same as my dad. He can’t sing, but he plays the piano amazingly. Some people are very musical, and some are kind of musical.

I play the piano, and I sing. I played the bass for 5 years, but I quit because it wasn’t a fun instrument to play. I have almost perfect pitch, which is probably why I love music so much and can admire its complexities.

I believe that music is also the only art form with things like perfect pitch and tone deafness. When you have perfect pitch you sing perfectly, always on the right note. I know a few people who have perfect pitch and they sing on-key all the time. Whenever somebody sang a note that was off-key or wrong they cringed like it hurt their ears. I’d like to be perfect-pitch, but it’s not something you can practice, you’re born with it. Tone deaf people can’t hear the difference in pitches. They can’t sing along to a song or anything like that. I would hate to be tone deaf.

Music is so complex and beautiful. I’m almost always listening to it. I believe that it is the most difficult art form, and the most beautiful and valued.