Live in the Present

Janessa - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

I believe in so many things, but one of my strongest beliefs, is living in the present and not fearing life. At only Thirteen years old, I’ve had to overcome one of the hardest most painful things a child or anyone can go through. At thirteen most adults look at me as infantile and naïve, when really I’ve experienced something that some people haven’t encountered. I ask myself everyday why people have such a strong judgment without knowing anyone. Death is one of the most painful emotional conditions people can go through, in my opinion.

I lost my father on October 27, 2007 he was only forty one and had a heart attack. When I heard the news that had been passed from my mother and four other siblings I instantly laughed and thought it was a joke. That is my original reaction to almost everything, is to “laugh” it off. It’s what almost came naturally and what most teens do for anything that is emotional for them. My siblings looked at me in shock as if I was vulgar and heartless. Looking around, I realized quickly it was no joke, I was in complete disbelief and shock I could not believe what I had heard. As a kid you usually look at your father as a strong independent guy that is so tough and can get through anything, but not every father is like that. Not every human being can get through everything. We all have to die, no matter what our circumstances are, there will be that day you lie your head down to rest. I remember I had a friend that had lost her father long ago, and I always remembered I used to think about “what if I lost my dad?” I thought how I would handle it, and how I thought it would be the end of my world. But that “what if” turned into a sad case of reality.

I realized that life can be so short, or life can be quite long. Either way you don’t know the future nor can you control the future. You can’t see what’s going to happen and you can’t make what you want to happen, happen. One day everything can be okay, but the next day you could lose someone you love who is a big part of your life. I’ve learned as a child, as being so young that you have to live in the present. Because at that moment at that time that is what matters, because in a blink of an eye that can get taken away from you and you can’t ever go back to that exact moment and feeling. Your life is such a precious, delicate, easily broken thing, and I think that a lot of people, not just kid’s take life for granted.

I like to try as hard as I can to do as much as I can with my time and try to never think about why I didn’t do this, or why I didn’t do that. I believe that if you live life in the present you’re prepared to die at anytime therefore you’re not as scared, but someone who fears death most likely fears life they are choosing safety which reinforces fear of life. Only when we live in the present is when we really begin to live. I know that I am still very young and that I have much to be taught about life, but I do know and I do believe that all People no matter what age, or what circumstance you should live in the Present, because within that subsequent second it could be taken away from you just like that.