Time to Be

Adrienne - Napa, California
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in taking my time.

I learned to take my time from the animals in my life.

I once took my cousin’s dog, Lucy, for a walk and I noticed that she didn’t try to rush back home where she spent the whole day waiting for someone to come home. She took her time to sniff each pole, bush, tree, and every other dog that came along. She took her time to play with other dogs at the park, wrestle with my cousin and I at home, and sometimes just take nap with one of the people she loved. Lucy showed me that it is important to take the time out the day to take pleasure in the ordinary and simple things like a nap or a few minutes of playing with a loved one.

I learned a similar lesson from a friend’s cat, Snickers, who considers her life full if she has a warm place to nap, a few toys, the ability to clean herself, and someone to fill her dish and change her litter box. Eating, sleeping, playing and the fulfillment of her most basic needs are all she seeks out of life, though a little unsolicited chin-scratching is always nice, too. It seemed most of the time that I could use the same outlook. I wondered if I had a full lunch, a nap and time to play at whatever I choose throughout the day, would my mood improve? If someone showered unsolicited affection on me, would I be a nicer person?

I began acting more like the pets in my life. I spend time outside enjoying the sunshine during the summer and fall and the rain in the winter. I find time to be with my friends and family where I never seemed to have any before. I enjoy a movie in the sliver of time between work and school with a special someone. And in doing these things I have discovered a happier me. I’m not as tired or hungry. I have more fun, and I feel so much healthier. Running, laughing, and playing are all healthy activities easily enjoyed with friends, family and pets. So now I take my time. Time to nap. Time to play. Time to actually eat a real meal; I have become a more interesting person to spend be around and a happier one as well. So I believe in taking my time. Because everyone has to believe in something.