I Believe In Second Chance At Love

Dave - Vancouver, Washington
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

At the age of Twenty-Seven, I was at a very awkward and difficult time. It had been more than two years since my honorable discharge from the Navy. I found a great job shortly after coming home all while attending Mt. Hood Community College. It wasn’t until I had a horrible separation from a woman who I thought I was in love with that I found that I believe in second chances at love.

I was all about the one person, who wasn’t all about me. Taking everything she could take from me and giving nothing back. I was having a very hard time trying to get myself motivated to do anything for myself after a hard break up from someone that was my best friend and someone who I thought I loved. With all the energy I could muster, I took what little dignity I had for myself and applied it to a new job and a new home. Living with my Uncle helped me get some perspectives in place. That is when I met my wife, Summer.

My wife has shown me many times that she can be the most absolute wonderful woman for me. Everyday I don’t have to look hard at why I married this wonderful woman. With my own parents having been wed for over 20 years, I feel that I have a great understanding of marriage and the wife I should have, and Summer has not swayed from that ideal of a perfect wife. She has given me the courage to be who I want to be. We are best friends that have started something so wonderful. I really feel that I have married my best friend.

I am a big kid sometimes. I play around and have fun as much as I can, within reason of course. The great thing about my wife is that she enjoys my playfulness as well as joins in. A single mother of 2 before I met her and almost three years later we have grown into a loving and trusting couple. I have a great family and the best lover I could have asked for. I don’t know where or who I would be without her. That is why I believe she is my second chance at love.