This I Believe

Megan - -
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I graduated in the summer of 2006. I worked at a retirement home called Draper Rehab center as a Certified Nurse Assistant. It was a demanding job both physically and mentally. The following August I was going to begin my first semester at college. I felt that I needed a new job less demanding and something that would suit me best for my education. I decided to apply at Cyprus Credit Union. I was hired and quit my job at the care center. My first semester of college was difficult in many different aspects. It was a different criteria as well as a different work load. We have all heard that after high school it is a different game. My Dad always said, “Those were the best years of your life, now it is nose to the grind stone.” I did not realize at the time what he was saying but as each semester ended and another approached; I began understanding what he had said. I enjoyed high school but was far more concerned with having a good time. I also would change my mind consistently on jobs. My average job was for the duration of about three months. I always wanted to try the next best thing.

I received average grades. But with the concern of having fun and average grades there was no possibility for a scholarship and I would have to pay every penny for my future education. I began working at Cyprus and taking a few classes each semester. I had formed bad habits in high school and it carried on into college. Habits are easy to form and difficult to break. I literally felt that I was being thrown into the wolves with homework, higher expectations, and my new job. My behavior in high school was unacceptable for college and keeping a job. I needed to change and was determined to do so. With each semester I practiced better habits and began bettering my skills. At work I continued to be punctual and made a decision to stay there as long as I was attending college. I have worked at Cyprus Credit Union for a little over two years now and am proud to say, I’ve only been absent twice. I also am a semester away from receiving my Associates Degree. I know if you have enough gumption and believe in a certain thing anything can happen. You can even break a bad habit. If you want something bad enough you can have it. My English professor currently made a comment to me and said, “You’re an A student.” I replied with a laugh and said, “I didn’t use to be.” He didn’t believe me. Things can happen in your life that can make you become the person you want to be. I basically woke up one day and knew what I had to do. So I changed my way of life and practiced determination. It was hard but as time went on it became easier. I believe anything is possible especially with the desire for change.