Rainy Days

Mollie - Wewoka, Oklahoma
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

Happiness, sadness, love, joy, pain, and all other emotions can be reinforced by a day where water pours from the sky. I believe in rainy days. Most of the time I am a pretty happy person, but I do have bad days. One bad day of mine includes failing an AP Biology test, getting into a fight with my boyfriend, and hearing my best friend mumble something mean about me to another girl. And after all of these disasters I come home with all the terrible thoughts still lingering in my mind. Yet, if it’s raining I can curl up in my bed and let the rain soothe and ease all the cares of the day. When I was seventeen, I received my first kiss in the rain from a boy I was crazy about. Rain adds an amazing affect to young love, and creates a whole new dimension to the event. The balm of the rain creates a warm fuzzy feeling inside, which brings the reassurance of being cared for and loved. Being in AP Biology, we have had to do many experiments, including growing plants. I left my plant outside for a few days and it happened to rain, which caused the plant to sprout up very quickly. However, I live in Oklahoma so the rain tends to play games and be a bit sparse. Rain rein reinforces life. I cannot survive without water, and neither can any other being or animal on this planet. So when it does rain where I live, it almost appears to be a sign from God, reassuring us of his love for us and his desire for us to live. In life, I have good times along with bad, such as being in love and having bad days but the balm of rain leaves me with reassurance that everything will turn out alright. When it rains and my day is bad, it is almost as if I am crying along with the sky. The rain reassures me that I am not the only one who is sad or struggling. The rain takes my pain and bears it upon itself. “The balm of hurt minds” can be overcome by rain. I believe in the powerful balm of rainy days.