Why Pass?

Nathaniel - Pine Hill, New Jersey
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

No matter what religion you are Atheist our Muslim, Jew or Christian, I’m sure you agree with me that cowardice is not a good quality to have, and is definitely not a basis of most religions. I am a Christian, but I speak for everyone, religious, or not, when I say that I believe people should be confidence and aggressive rather than passive individuals. I have been a Christian for thirteen years and have encountered many difficulties throughout my life, particularly in dealing with people. I remember getting in a fight at school once. The first thing I heard from many of the disciplinarians was that “fighting isn’t Christian conduct”. They didn’t have much biblical explanation for their words, therefore it had to be an assumption, a stereotypical way of thinking. I knew for a fact that it isn’t Christian to be passive, to let someone physically hurt you. Briefly looking in the Bible we see David, Joshua, and many other important figures fighting wars for the better of the kingdom of God. A passage in 2 Timothy says that “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” As you can see being passive isn’t of the Christian religion.

Looking throughout history we see many of leaders known for their aggression not their passivity. Napoleon had to be aggressive to conquer the vast territory controlled. Although Hitler was a horrible man he realized that he had to be both smooth talking, and aggressive to achieve such power in Germany. In Founding Father by Richard Brookhiser, Brookhiser explains Washington’s religion stating that he “never took communion” in the catholic churches he attended. We see that even the most presumptuous leaders were perhaps not as religious, however there bravery and pride made them memorable.

Passiveness could be very dangerous if it was enforced in America’s criminal justice system. People complain about the police all of the time, even myself. But honestly if there was no criminal enforcement, humans would probably be extinct by know. It’s because of the police that a lot of people drive at the speed limit. Having a firm criminal justice system sets boundaries within our society. Lessening the amount of crimes people commit.

If not for the wars and acts of courage and aggression displayed by our ancestors, America would not be as free. Because of the Civil and World war’s that America has taken part it, America is a larger and more free society. By looking at these various examples we can see that passiveness is not a good quality to have. I come from a Christian perspective when I say that passiveness is not of God, and is a rather dangerous and demeaning quality that can hinder the growth and stability of our society.