Let the Little Children Come

Rebecca - Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

As I walked into my neighbor’s house not too much noise was being made. The washing machine was running, but other than that there was no sound. I had been having a rough day and I needed something to lift my spirits. This family had always had a knack for doing just that. This day, however, I was in for a real treat. I ambled through the house in search of the lovely inhabitants. As I stepped into the living room all the faces turned and brightened simultaneously. The kids sprang up and lounged towards me. Owen seemed especially excited. Bouncing, giggling and talking so quickly that no one could understand him, Owen relished in telling me about his day. From one thing to the next, the seven year old disclosed the intricate parts of his school day. For ten minutes he continued in a giddy fashion, even when it may have not been a seemly happy moment in the story. Taking huge breaths continuously, he finally had repeated the most important elements enough times to satisfy himself and settled only slightly. His whole story was out and all I could do was smile. Owen’s simple expressions and his description of the day had turned my mood in a totally different direction.

Earlier that same day, my boyfriend of two years told me that for several months he had been keeping things from me. This was a shock to me for we had not had any issues in our relationship, and I never suspected anything ill of him. However, the fact that he lied to me months before and he had been keeping a relationship with a friend’s sister from me was still heartbreaking. The whole day I was a walking zombie. My friends could barely get two words out of me and I could not concentrate while in any class. Nothing going on around me was helping my mood in the least, until I walked into that room. Because of that fact, I believe that even in major down times of life the simple joy of a child can transform the way we think.

Numerous times in our lives there is little that anyone can do that will make us happy. However, because a child needs so much attention, and because the simplest things can liven up a child, I have found that being around them when life seems to be going wrong has done just what no one else seems to be able to do. The tiny tots present in my world have been a huge aspect throughout my entire life. Some of the hardest times in my life have been turned around or forgotten about for a time because of the giggles coming from a child. Because of the great joy children have, when trials of many kinds draw closer to me I will remember to say, “let the little children come”.