Color Pencils

Allison - Pennsauken, New Jersey
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality, race

Everyone has their own favorite color. Some people like the color black, some like white, and others like all different colors. These colors might look different, but they are all the same. They each can make a line for an artist and can color in a little drawling done by a kindergartener. So since these things can do the same things, human beings are all the same too, right? Apparently not from what people have said and done. We live in a world now where some people still are racist to other people. What’s the big deal? We all act the same. We eat, sleep, and live. Yes, we might not look the same, but we all have goals and beliefs. I believe in a world that can be free from racism. I believe that everyone is the same, so that’s why I think racism is pointless. Why do people have to think that other people are so different? Why can’t we just all work together? I believe that people should be defined by their actions and beliefs rather than their appearance.

Many people think that after a couple of years with President Elect Obama in office that a post-racism age will begin. I believe that even in these four maybe eight years to come, that racism will still be a problem. In these times right now, people already showed their hatred again towards African Americans both before and after Barack Obama’s presidential election. In twenty years, our nation will still be the same as it is today. Sure Barack Obama’s work in the white house and the people after him might sway people’s ideas on racism, but it will still exist. In twenty years I will be thirty-eight years old and hopefully with the new generation of people will come an understanding that everyone is equal. I would fight to end racism by first teaching my children and even their friends that we are all equal. It shouldn’t matter what color of skin we have, but what should matter are our ideas and goals. In addition, I will give presentations on history in the past about how African Americans were enslaved. I believe that if it was switched the other way around then both parties would have been treated the same way. Hopefully the parents of the children in my classroom will teach them the same ideals that I would my children, but if not, hopefully I could get through to them by showing that everyone is the same. I believe we are all the same people.