I believe that Imagination has Been Lost in childhood

kayla - manteca, California
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe that Imagination Has Been Lost in Childhood

I believe that children today are missing out on one of the most important aspects of growing up. Imagination is missing, missing from neighborhood parks, the classroom, summertime, and recreational activities in the backyard. Children do not have to think anymore thanks to video games, television, Ipods, and the internet. One day while hanging out with my friend’s two little children, I watched them run around the house playing cops and robbers. They were laughing and using their minds to imagine they were something they actually were not. Last week I was visiting a different friend and her two boys were playing Madden 07 on a Play station 2. They were sitting on the ground and their eyes were glued to the television screen. Young kids minds are being corrupted by video games. They are not growing through using their imagination and by social interaction. This is leading to their minds not growing or being challenged.

Now children can play basketball, tennis, bowl, and dress Barbie dolls with the use of their fingertips. With video games you do not have to leave the comfort of your living room sofa. For a person using Nintendo Wii they have to swing their arms but it is not as much activity a playing tennis on a real court. Young people think now that standing up and swinging their arms is enough physical activity for the day. Children should be active for at least an hour a day; this is something that is missing from backyards and neighborhood playgrounds. When children are active they are happier, the energy kids need to get rid of is being done in a positive way. Growing up, I remember my friends and I playing outside until the sun went down. Now I rarely see young people playing outside together. I remember playing pick-up basketball at the park and making new friends with other kids that also played. By playing in a group, kids learn how to socially interact. While playing basketball I learned how to deal with situations on my own. Therefore, when children are inside sitting in front of a television they are not learning to solve problems and are not developing their social skills.

An elementary school teacher I know said, “The hardest thing for my students to do is write a imaginary story because they are so used to things being handed to them already.” Therefore, children in the classroom setting are expecting things to be handed to the them which is leading to their minds not growing. Young kids especially at the ages where they decide if they are going to enjoy reading and writing need to be using their imagination to succeed at either of those two things.

Therefore, I believe that since children are not outside playing or getting enough activity but having everything handed to them by a video game, children are not using their imagination. This I believe is something our society over looks which will be shaping who the next generation will be.