gavin - Wallingford
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that Cell phones do not elicit face to face interactions that build strong community based relationships. The invention of cell phone has depleted American’s the since of community, while warranting a sense independent isolate relationships with others.

Through a tree infested landscape a small brick path is branded into the ground, just wide for two overworked, sleep deprived college students to squeeze through, when classes in Mc Innis, the main artery for academic classrooms, lets out, I witness a prime example of why our community is lacking in strength. When I walk this path there is usually a steady pulse of students in this small path simply passing through. I’ve witnessed this on a semi-scheduled basis, especially with the people in my dorm. As Doane residences flood the small path making their way back to study or sleep, I’ve witnesses something completely incoherent. Students, all from Eastern, all from the same dorm, some from the same classes, walking through this tiny bottle neck path way, passing one another, and not even greeting each other with “hello”.

However, this path was not void of any conversation, infact it was abundant with communication, even though lacking in immediate community. As pulses of students return to their dorms its evident that the thing the all share most in common is the same thing that breaks them all apart, the community voiding decide of the twenty first century, the cell phone. Almost as though the students are feed off the receive of their new glossy Mobil monstrosities, its hard to find, on that small back path in Eastern, a student who is not on one.

But at what cost is it to conversant with others over the phone, instead of your neighbor walking by? I believe that the ultimate cost is community. This seemingly natural function of humans should develop with little effort. Community comes with time and involvement with others lives. By simply talking to your neighbor one can develop a sustainable community, by simply picking up a cell phone one can loose out on ever chance there is to develop it.

Anywhere a cell phone reception is above a bar, that community will be continually bared from a real relationship with one another. Society has placed to high of a value on communicating on phones, and not enough with people. As many users see their bills at the end of the month and realize that they have spent over 600 minuets talking on their phones, they neglect to realize how they could have used that time to develop something more. Think of all the new relationships one could start in the 600 minutes. Think of how many lives would be affected by this small increase in interest of community.

Think of how vibrant our community could be if we dropped our cell phones and picked up a conversation with each other. It would certainly make that small back path at Easter0n more friendly to walk on, and could easily do so for so many other communities.