Simple Love through Kindness

Sean - Millville, New Jersey
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As the rising sun reflected through my bedroom window, a strong aroma was in the air. Without much concern, I continued to catch a few more minutes of shut-eye, knowing responsibility and struggles were waiting for me outside the door. This had seemed like a normal morning, but something was different. Usually, I found myself rushing out the front door, grabbing a small snack before my departure to school, but not on this particular day. Again, this day was different. As normal, I began to prolong my sleep as much as possible before entering my hectic morning. Within a few seconds, I could hear a gentle voice in my doorway. “Good morning, sweetie!” exclaimed my older sister, Kasie. My eyes began to open. In her hands, she held a five-star breakfast that she had thoughtfully prepared just for me. At that point, my perspective changed, and I knew it was going to be a good day.

Love is often times a popular topic in our world today, but how often is love truly defined? Though love is often viewed from a romantic perspective, I believe love can be shown in many ways. Whether love is between a husband and wife or even just strangers on the side of a street, I believe love can be broken down into smaller aspects that have strong effects on the way people live. Kindness, faithfulness, and patience are a few of these aspects that can be considered love. I believe, as proven by my loving sister, that even the smallest acts of kindness can positively affect a person’s day and even their entire life.

Kindness, one of the many attributes of love, can be shown in countless ways. Though kindness can be offered in large and obvious ways, it can simply by shown by opening a door for someone. To someone who is depressed and lonely, a simple act of kindness could potentially mean the world to him or her. Though a person may be unaware of the effects of their kindness, the positive consequences can be endless. One should always be looking for ways to love others.

In conclusion, love can be practiced in simple ways. Not only can love be romantic, but it can also be shown through direct actions in our everyday lives. Because of my sister’s act of kindness, I have come to believe in the importance of every interaction I have with people, knowing that they could potentially have infinite effects on many people.