I Believe There is a Grey Area

Kirsten - Windham, Maine
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe there is a grey area. Things are not always simply black or simply white, sometimes they may be grey. In today’s society people are forced to make decisions every day and personally I am horrible at making decisions. Sometimes I feel that I would like to stand in the middle of a decision, or have a little of everything. If I cannot decide what I would like to have for dinner, I eat few different things. If I want macaroni, potato salad and chicken, I will have a little of all three. Having that little of everything or standing in the middle is the grey area.

The same goes for opinions, people have their different opinions. Sometimes I agree with certain parts of multiple opinions. On the other hand there are times I would rather not agree with either side of the opinions at all. At times like these I would like to be neutral, have a grey opinion. For me this is not necessarily a simple way out of making a decision or siding with someone or something, it is something I strongly believe.

There are exceptions to almost everything; therefore people should have the option of being in the middle. I may agree with a certain issue or opinion, but not all it, therefore I should not be categorized under agreeing with something if I do not fully agree with it. It is just like disagreeing with something. I do not want to be labeled by what I disagree upon or agree with if I do not stand for everything under the specific label.

The concept of a grey area is a dangerous thing for me to believe in being a political science major in college. When it comes to politics, people are very passionate in what they believe and I on the other hand tend to be neutral at times. I can agree with a little bit of both sides to create my own side, my grey side. It helps because I can be very understanding and open to more than one opinion but it also hurts because I can become quite vague in my beliefs and in what I support. During this past election I did not want to side with a certain candidate or party. I liked ideas from both sides, but I could not have both sides at once and some people could not accept me standing in the middle and being neutral.

I believe there is a middle, neutral, grey are in life where people like myself can agree with more than one thing, or bits and pieces of opposing opinions. A place where I do not have to make a definite decision if I do not feel comfortable with it and I will not be labeled something I am not. I believe there is a grey area in which I can stand.