Risks Lead to Happiness

Cassie - Missoula, Montana
Entered on December 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in taking chances. Life is full of opportunities. Whether it be jobs, scholarships, trips around the world, or extracurricular activities. Anything that gives you a choice to get out of your everyday routine even for a moment. Taking hold of those openings is what makes life fulfilling.

I didn’t used to believe in taking chances. In high school, I used to take the easy way out and shy away from situations that made me nervous or scared. I wouldn’t go to some school functions, wouldn’t apply myself fully or put in extra time to do studies or scholarships, didn’t do many extracurricular activities or many other things that could have made my life easier or more satisfying. I didn’t take the time or make an effort to excel in school and set up my future. Instead, I settled for mediocre grades and never strived to better myself or make my future more secure. Already I look back and wish I would have taken risks and done things differently. Now I know that the feeling of anguish and discomfort is not a feeling that anyone would want to experience.

I think life is too short to waste and being venturesome and following ones intuitions is the key to happiness. In this brief life, happiness is something a person should strive for. I think that happiness is a feeling you get when something or someone brings joy into your life and produces a peace of mind. I believe that without that enjoyment a person’s life is incomplete. Happiness plays a big role in taking chances, because the chances you take should lead you to bliss and contentment. The fulfillment of cheerfulness a person feels when taking these chances and succeeding is a very vigorous and wonderful emotion. Whether it is a risky job change, starting your own business, or pursuing your dreams. Whenever there is a risk of failure, there is also the chance that that risk can lead to greatness and jubilation in the process. Even though the risk may be great, the regret felt for not knowing what could have been is a long, agonizing sensation because the questions stay with you. What could have happened? Why didn’t I do that? Where could I be today? These are all questions that I don’t want to ask myself in the years to come.

The regret I feel from passing up those moments has opened my eyes and given me the incentive to take chances and strive for happiness because I want to be happy in my life. I want to fully experience every event that comes my way. When I get old I do not want to look back and see regret, I want to see a life lived to the fullest and overflowing with happiness.