This I Believe

Anil - Katy, Texas
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My parents are from India, also given that they are Hindus. As a child, I always blindly followed them to temple, praying to gods I knew nothing about. As I grew older and matured morally, I started to think about the deep questions of life and realized Hinduism did not have the answers. I discovered Christianity, Islamism, Judaism, and all of the other major religions also followed the same pattern. Finding this made me also question the faith of others, how so many people can blindly practice what I did as a child. I believe in man and man’s own fate, not a God or His plans.

Too many religious individuals blame the horrors of life on God’s punishment and His “destiny” for us. They waste time in their churches and mosques, follow false prophets, and wait on signs and responses from an imaginary icon who was solely created to suppress the chaos caused by people asking the questions. The God-fearing drones pour their money into donations for the service of God that can be performed by any man or woman who has ears to listen. The only positive aspect of religion I can find is the morals it teaches you. I can understand why parents imprint religions like Christianity and Islamism onto their kids because they do not want a drug-user or felon as a kid. Because the kids do not see religion as guidelines, they turn into the machines who habitually kneel towards Mecca three times a day or who sit through the sermon

Gonnabathula 2

every Sunday. Ted Haggard was a evangelical pastor who was praised as one of the greatest Christian leaders of our time. People would have followed him to the ends of the earth, hoping that he would show them a closer connection to God. In 2006, he confessed to the allegations of purchasing methamphetamine and soliciting homosexual sex with a prostitute named Mike Jones. This shows how Haggard, a apparent holy man of God, represents nothing more than just a man. God was not there to guide him or help him. He is just a man like the rest of us with problems which no God can fix.

Too many individuals blame the problems of our earth on God’s plan when they should stop pointing and start fixing. People should hone in on the problems and magnify the details of the big picture instead of stepping back and gazing at it.