God Answers When One Asks

Braden - Harrisburrg, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

God Answers When One Asks

Prayer is something that most people have done at some point in their life whether or not they consider themselves to be religious. Prayer is something that all the religions have in common. Prayer is something that people turn to in times of trouble. Prayer is something that can change a person’s life. Prayer is something that has affected my life, and because it has had this affect, I believe that God answers prayer.

In my life prayer has often been used when I was struggling for an answer, it is something that I do when I am struggling in different areas of my life, and I do not know the best way to solve the problems. It is something that I have seen change how I think about certain things, and is even a way for me to humble myself and see the more important things in life.

When I think about God answering prayer in my life, I think of one main event in my life. This was my college decision. I was at a point in my life where I did not even know if I was going to go to college or not, I did not know if I was going to play soccer or not. I spent an hour in my basement with the lights off sitting, standing and walking around just begging God to help show me the way. I listened to songs of praise to God; I sang them with a deep longing for help, with a deep love for the God that I was praying to. Within a week the coach from Eastern University called me and on the phone, and was telling me about their program. He unknowingly told me about things in the Eastern program that I was praying about not that long ago. I had a sense of connection, and I had a feeling inside of me telling me that this was the place that I should attend.

Prayer is a powerful thing in the hands of any person who believes that their prayers can actually be answered. That is why people with non-religious backgrounds pray when something bad happens in their life. The only thing I would like to say though is that although God may answer prayer, it may not always be in the exact way one was looking for, God could even tell you flat out no, but there will still be an answer. This is what prayer is, and this is why I believe God answers prayer.